Dr. Ritu Sharma has been in this profession for almost twenty years and has taught in various countries including UAE, Indonesia, Australia, India, and of course, the United States. She was a valedictorian and has a wealth of knowledge in the field of education and literature. Dr. Sharma initially pursued an M.A. followed by her Ph.D., becoming one of the only women in her town to receive the degree.

Through her education and work experience, she has integrated technology skills and has developed useful teaching strategies to accelerate the understanding of the students and to boost the results. Currently, Dr. Sharma is teaching at Kaplan University and Case Western Reserve University.

In 2012, she was nominated as the Top Ten Professors in the U.S.A., a much deserved honor. She has extensive experience in facilitating online, blended, and hybrid courses. Also, she has won numerous teaching excellence awards by various universities nationally and internationally. She has been invited by the Ohio Department of Education for Ohio Assessments for Educators Standard Setting Conferences.

Dr. Sharma has also presented in numerous countries including France, Switzerland, Canada, India, Germany, and Italy. She had the honor to present for the 6th Biennial Toni Morrison Society Conference. Moreover, Dr. Sharma was welcomed to present at the International Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS) conference held at the American University of Rome in 2013 and 2014 along with presenting at the Harvard-US India Initiative’s annual conference in New Delhi. She is currently working on her forthcoming book named Quest for Self while teaching and raising her two daughters.